Second Mortgages

Our second mortgage programs can be tailored to your specific needs.

Below is some information to help get you started.


There are many options for homeowners who wish to meet growing financial demands; one way to improve your financial situation is to borrow money through a home equity line of credit. This source of credit can provide certain tax advantages and generally allows you to borrow large sums of money at affordable rates. This line of credit uses your house as collateral though, which means such a credit line can be risky if you default on the monthly mortgage payments. The funds that you receive from a home equity credit line can be used to fund anything from home improvements to a child’s school tuition.

2nd Mortgage (Closed-Ended)

A second mortgage similar to that of a traditional first mortgage. These products are typically used for a homeowner to purchase or refinance above their counties limits. Although a HELOC can be used for the same purpose, a second mortgage can have a fixed interest rate and slightly easier qualifications.